​Where did the lists go and what happened to my profile page?

If you were an active user of lists, you may have noticed that they no longer exist along with your profile page. We wanted to take a moment to explain why.

Lists were a formulated concept we wanted to explore but after critiquing our features with an unbiased eye, we decided to pull the plug. This isn't the end of lists as we know it but for now we're simply putting it on pause to focus on our most important feature; search.

Profile pages were also another feature that got cut from the team and along with that went the ability to follow other users and lists. It just didn't fit with our current vision and therefore dubbed unnecessary. Users can still fully manage their account in their settings, nothing has changed there.

After taking a look at what our users have been drawn to most, we wanted to take away anything that ended up being distracting instead of enhancing a user's experience.

If you disagree with our decisions, we'd love to know! Your feedback is essential for us to build you a great product. Leave us a comment or email me at anytime - [email protected].

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