Our Hashtag Guide to the Super Bowl

Order the pizza. Buy the chips. Prepare the dip. With Super Bowl right around the corner, we would hate for you to miss out on any of the action so we’ve prepared a few things to help jumpstart your social media adventures.

  1. For a One Stop stream - Follow #SB49 or #SuperBowl and don’t miss out on any of the action.
  2. For the Game Fanatics - Follow our main Super Bowl taglist which covers all the official hashtags for the game and teams.
  3. For the Ad Junkies - Follow our Super Bowl Ad Spots taglist which covers all of the brands who secured a slot and features a hashtag. Be sure to check out the power rankings to see who will win this year's Super Tag Bowl.
  4. Download the app on iOS or Android and head to the couch. It’s almost game time!

Fun Link: Seahawks hashtag glossary: View here.
Fun Fact: In 2011, Audi may have been the first to use a Twitter hashtag in their 60 second TV spot during the Super Bowl. Read more here.

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