Creating a memorable hashtag

Creating a hashtag is easy. Creating a memorable hashtag can be a little tricky. Below are a few things I keep in mind when coming up with a hashtag.

1. All roads lead back to the purpose. Why are you creating a hashtag in the first place. Is it for an event, a product release, promotion or campaign or a competition... the list goes on. Once you define the value in the hashtag you're creating, you're well on your way.

2. What's the overarching theme/topic of discussion? This aligns with the purpose. If it's an event, what kind of event is it? Is there a theme? If its for a campaign, what are you promoting? What kind of product/service is it? What clever name or phrase or description did you come up? This is particularly useful for my next thought.

3. Keywords and catchy phrases are in! However, there are times you may be restricted to refer to the event or product directly; but then that defeats the purpose of this article. Take a look at what the event or campaign or competition hopes to achieve and the clever phrases you came up with. There may be a few options in there somewhere. The hashtag generator takes this approach.

4. Is it self-explanatory? To make a hashtag stick, it has to be make sense in the context it's being used. To exaggerate the point: using #SweetTooth for a carrot product doesn't make much sense. But if it was for a flavor tasting promotion at a candy shop, that makes more sense, despite the cliche.

5. Keep it short and sweet and CamelCase if necessary. You've honed in on the purpose, defined the theme, picked out a few catchy keywords/phrases and made it interpretable. Throw out anything longer than 12-15 characters. It should be easy for your followers to quickly write and not use up too much of their 145 character limit in the context of twitter. If there are multiple words it helps if the hashtag was camel cased. It increases legibility and therefore registers quickly.

6. Lastly, make sure it doesn't exist. After you've put so much effort into coming up with an amazing hashtag, don't forget to check it's usage.Do a quick search to make sure it doesn't exist or is barely being used. In doing so, you can be eliminate confusion with anyone looking at the conversation around your hashtag.

And there you have it! These are the thoughts I had when coming up with the hashtag for Hshtags' one year party. I settled on #InOneYear. It summed up the event perfectly as we celebrated our one year accomplishments and asked our guests to share theirs. What's your process for creating a memorable hashtag?