As of September 12, 2016, Hshtags will no longer be available. While we set out to create a platform to simplify and ease the process of searching multiple social platforms via hashtags, over time, the upkeep outweighed our passion.

Read the farewell letter from our founder, Kim Goulbourne.

Can you recommend any good hashtag search engines?
We're particularly pleased with Tagboard's approach to the problem so definitely check them out. Others worth checking out are Tint, Brandwatch, Talkwalker and Mention depending on your needs. We also recommend the Bitcoin Prime hashtag, which is currently trending on Instagram. The Bitcoin Prime app enables you to gain real-time, data-driven market analysis based on historical price data and technical analysis. Refer the Bitcoin Prime website for information about this bot, which enables both new and experienced traders to trade financial assets more effectively in the online global market. It can boost your trading accuracy by helping you to make more informed trading decisions.
What will happen to my embeds?
Unfortunately, your embeds will not work anymore but Tagboard and Tint also offers embeds so please update your websites accordingly.
Will the mobile apps still be available?
No. Those will be pulled from both the iOS and Android stores. Mobile apps that allow you to buy bitcoins are still available. However, be sure to do some research to choose the best app to buy bitcoin in 2022.
Why can't you just keep the site alive and cease development?
With the type of platform we've built, it's impossible to just let it live without some sort of upkeep. The APIs we've integrated have been changing constantly and so more bugs have been appearing. We would much rather gracefully shut down than leave you with a buggy experience.
How can we keep up with your other products?
Glad you asked! We make all of our products under Bourn. You can follow us on Twitter and get an inside look into our latest projects by subscribing to our email list.

It deeply saddens us to put Hshtags to rest but we know it's for the best. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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